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March 23 & 24 HPBA/Play It Again Sports
by posted 03/21/2019

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Cubs Summer Camp 10% Off
by posted 03/05/2019

Chicago Cubs Baseball Camps is offering 10% off to all Hamlin Park Baseball and Softball families for their 2019 summer camps.  Enter HPB19 when registration to see an immediate discount.  The correct field to enter "HPB19" in will appear towards the end of the registration proces.  

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2019 House Baseball & Softball Bat Regulations
by posted 03/02/2019

For the 2019 season, here is a summary of the bats regulations for our House Baseball & Softball Programs...


There are three criteria you must recognize when determining if a bat is legal in various divisions:

- Drop (this is the length to weight ratio of a bat...typically -12, -11, -10, -8, -5 or -3...the smaller the digit the heavier the bat)

- Barrel size (this is the widest circumfrence of the bat...typically 2-1/4, 2-5/8 or 2-3/4)

- Certification (this is the governing body which tests how hard a bat can hit a ball...typically USA Baseball, USSSA Baseball 1.15, BBCOR, USSSA Softball 1.20 and ASA Softball)


House Baseball

Rookie thru Midget Divisions MUST use a bat which meets ONE of two requirements:

-  Any bat stamped with USA Baseball certification, or

-  Any bat with a max 2-1/4 barrel size that is stamped with a USSSA 1.15 certfication

For these divisions, the drop (weight to length ratio) does not matter but is an important consideration for selecting the correct size of a bat for the player.  

NOTES:  USSSA 1.15 bats that have a 2-5/8 or 2-3/4 barrel are ILLEGAL in these divisions.  BBCOR bats are ILLIEGAL in these divisions.  Wood bats are LEGAL provided they do not exceed a 2-5/8 barrel size.


Liberty Baseball MUST use a bat which meets ALL of these requirements:

-  MAX Drop 5 (-5 or -3 is LEGAL....-8, -10, etc is ILLEGAL)

-  Max Barrel Size 2-5/8 (2-3/4 barrel is ILLEGAL)

-  Must be stamped either USA Baseball, USSSA 1.15 or BBCOR

NOTES:  Wood bats are LEGAL provided they are a max Drop 5 and do not exceed a 2-5/8 barrel size.


Senior Baseball MUST use a wood bat that is a max Drop 3.  These bats will be provided to each team.  Individuals may use their own wood bat provided it is not lighter than a -3.  Any bats with non-wood components (i.e. alloy, composite, metal) is ILLEGAL.


House Softball

Pee Wee thru Midget Softball Divisions may use ANY bat that is specifically designated for softball.  Typically this means they must be either USSSA 1.20 or ASA certified but as long as they are marked for softball use they are LEGAL.

NOTES:  Barrel Size and Drop do not matter.  Baseball bats, specifically USA Baseball, USSSA 1.15 and BBCOR bats are ILLEGAL...this includes t-ball bats which are considered baseball bats.  Softball wood bats are LEGAL.  Baseball wood bats are ILLEGAL.    


Travel Baseball & Softball Disclaimer

Travel Baseball & Softball Leagues and Tournaments have a wide range of bat regulations.  In many situations, a bat that is legal for travel teams may be illegal in the HPBA house programs.  It is the responsibility of the individual and Head Coach to validate any bat used in a House game meets the HPBA House requirements.   This may require having different bats for house and travel teams.  Failure to follow the HPBA House Bat Requirements will result in the player being called out on the first offense.  Subsequent infractions by the player, team and Head Coach may result in league discipline.


If you have any questions about the HPBA Bat Requirements, please contact your Head Coach or a League Official before you purchase or use a bat.  

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