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Auxiliary Board Sub-Committees - New for 2018!!!
by posted 01/17/2018

Are you interested in getting more involved with the Hamlin Park Baseball and Softball Programs?
New for 2018, we are looking for volunteers to register for HPBA Auxiliary Board Sub-Committees.  These sub-committees will help support the various functions of specific HPBA Auxiliary Board responsibilities without the full HPBA Board requirements.  Also, participating on a sub-committee will fulfill your 2018 HPBA volunteer obligation.  
The idea is to create a more inclusive and collaborative environment across all of our teams, players, families, guests and officials. 
If you are interested, please select this link to register (HPBA Auxiliary Board Sub-Committee) or select the big, orange "Register Now" button.  Please read on for a more detailed description of each role we are looking to fill.
Director: Jose Mercado
-  Review and restock concession supplies, including food, drinks, ice and grill supplies
-  Periodically assist with grill set-up and/or clean-up 
-  As needed, help with grilling and selling items at the concession stand
Fall Ball
Director: Jim McCann
-  Support development and format of 2018 Fall Ball divisions 
-  Help enroll new players/teams into the program
-  Help develop season schedules
-  Periodically, help manage game day activities during the Fall Ball season
Field Prep
Director: Rob Zumph
-  Help oversee field preparation on a rotating basis
-  Support special field enhancement projects
-  Learn more about special techniques and equipment used to maintain our fields
Player Draft & Ratings
Director: Ray Sansonetti
-  Assist in reviewing and preparing data for division-specific player drafts
-  Communicate with coaches across specific divisions to assure timely and accurate player ratings
-  Help facilitate the player draft process
Director: Bob Govoni
-  Help develop and monitor our player registration programs
-  Develop registration timelines, communication strategies and strategies
-  Support the replacement player processing
Director: Ryan Hiss
-  Help maintain rules and regulations in specific softball divisions
-  Work with coaches to progress the development of the program and players
-  Oversee various division-specific functions such as scheduling, banquets, tournaments and picture day
Director: Tom McDonagh
-  Develop marketing materials and strategies to help support sponsorship goals
-  Work with league families and local businesses to initiate new sponsorship partnerships
-  Coordinate payments, uniforms and banners to facilitate sponsor interests
Travel Program
Director:  Brian Hecht
-  Work with travel team coaches (baseball and softball) to provide continuity across teams
-  Oversee administrative functions specific to the travel program
-  Help coordinate travel/house scheduling with specific teams and coaches
-  Work with other sub-committees to assure travel teams are integrated at an appropriate level
Director:  Steve Philip
-  Learn, understand and support the financial aspects of HPBA
-  Work with league vendors to help facilitate orders, deliveries and payments
-  Assist other sub-committees regarding their financial needs
Uniforms and Merchandise
Director:  Terry Frye
-  Help process house and travel team uniform orders
-  Assist in verifying uniform delivery, distribution and quality assurance
-  Work with sponsorship committee to align sponsors with appropriate teams
-  Periodically support sale and delivery of HPBA spirit wear
Each of these sub-committees has specific needs.  We will try to best match your interests with the opportunities.
Thanks for your support!
Ron Phillips
HPBA President
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2018 Baseball 8U, 9U, & 10U Travel Team Tryouts
by posted 01/15/2018

2018 Baseball 8U, 9U, & 10U Travel Team Tryout Registration  

Team tryouts will be held at the UIC Indoor Baseball Training Facility located at 901 W. Roosevelt (between Halsted and Morgan).

Sunday, January 28, 2018 from 4:00PM - 5:30PM

8U Purple Team - Coach Bob Govoni

9U Purple Team - Coach Jim Petitpren

10U Purple Team- Coach Tom McDonagh


Purple Team Tryouts are open to all 8-10 year old boys and girls who are registered to play in the 2018 Hamlin Park House Baseball Program.  Age as of May 1, 2018.


Check-in begins at 3:30PM and the tryout starts promptly at 4:00PM.  There is no alternate date so if you miss this date for any reason you may not be eligible for the team. 


Spectators are not allowed.  Players must be dropped off after check-in and picked up at the conclusion of the tryout.     


Click the "Register Now" tab to begin registration.

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2018 Softball Travel Team Tryout 10U &14U
by posted 01/15/2018

2018 Softball Travel Team Tryout Registration for 10U & 14U teams. 

Tryouts will be held at the UIC Baseball/Softball Training Facility located at 901 W. Roosevelt (between Halsted and Morgan).  

Sunday, January 28, 2018 from 5:30-7:00 

10U-Coach TBD

14U-Coach TBD

Travel Team Tryouts are open to all 9-10 and 13-14 year old girls who are registered in the 2018 Hamlin Park House Softball Program.  Age as of January 1, 2018.

Check-in begins at 5:00PM and tryout starts promptly at 5:30PM.  We are only able to facilitate a single tryout date/time for each team.  If you are not able to attend the specified date/time you may not be eligible for this these teams.

Spectators are not allowed.  Players must be dropped off after check-in and picked up at the conclusion of the tryout.

Click the "Register Now" tab to begin registration.

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Bat rule update for Baseball
by posted 12/15/2017

Coaches and Parents,

Bat rule update for Baseball - Rookie, Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget divisions only.

Liberty and Senior Bat rules will not be impacted by new USA BASEBALL STAMPS.  Same Liberty and Senior 2017 rules apply, which can be found on website.


HPBA is going to allow BOTH the new USA Baseball bats (regardless of barrel diameter), and grandfather 2 ¼” USSSA 1.15 BPF bats.

BIG BARREL USSSA 1.15 BPF bat that over 2 ¼” in diameter are still not approved.

As some of you may know, USA Baseball has changed their bat standard for the upcoming season. These changes go into effect for all Little League starting January 1, 2018. All bats must be marked with the USA Baseball stamp. These bats are not limited to the 2 ¼” diameter standards that Hamlin Park has adhered to in the past.

Hamlin Park Baseball Association is not affiliated with Little League. We do not need to adhere to their rules. However, we understand that the supply of the bats on the market is now primarily in the new USA Baseball standard.

Rick Dooley

HPBA Commissioner

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